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    We are young, innovative, and daring to be first
    Committed to bringing you the best flight simulation experience.

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    We are waiting for you

    to be ONE of us

    We welcome all pilots of any skill level to fly with Virtual Air China
    No Matter if you are a beginner in the simulation hobby or a veteran we welcome you here.

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    is integrated into our blood

    We have a full-featured pilot preparation center
    at every stage of the flight, feel the care
    of meticulous details.

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    do whatever we can

    When we are young

    We will do everything we can to create a free, open and inclusive virtual airline.
    And also dare to declare war on the old world of corruption
    there is no shortage of dream wings on the way forward.

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Pilot Center

As a member visit the pilot center for all your options on our virtual airline.

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Our Fleet

Check out the Virtual Air China fleet. Get detail information about the fleet.

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Smart acars

Enjoy tracking your flights with our custom SmartCARS system.

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    • 878
    • Pilots
    • 5076+
    • Flight Schedules:
    • 100%
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Recent News


Posted by Jiaqi Lin on 02/19/2021


活动航线:武汉天河=深圳宝安 双向对飞

活动时间:2021年2月26日元宵节 北京时间20:00开始


Live Flight Board

Flight# Pilot Dpt. Arr. Status % Complete

Flight Statistics

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate
CSZ9739AZYTXZLXY02.20CCA9637 龑 刘-159
CCA721BZBAAUMMS08.29CCA2700 Libin Fan-87
MOE8118ZBADZSAM02.34CSZ6803 Lu Jack-151
MOE9201ZYHBZYTX01.38CCA9637 龑 刘-399
MOE7466ZYHBUHWW01.07CCA0884 Qian Cheng-126